Radiation protection SERVICES

We provide nuclear and radiological services focusing on radiation protection for industrial and medical sectors associated with the use and application of radioactive materials, nuclear gauging, medical imaging equipment, industrial x-ray, and environmental radiation (naturally occurring radioactive materials, NORM).

Our technical services include design of radiological facility for radioactive storage and nuclear medicine, radiological impact assessment, radioactive waste management for medical and NORM wastes, decommissioning and decontamination for safe site closure, environmental remediation for radioactive-contaminated site and quality assurance program.

Our professionals are experienced and qualified in nuclear and radiological disciplines to provide professional advice to the clients in preventing and controlling dose exposures to workers, the public and the environment.

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We provide environmental consultancy and technical services focusing on environmental impact assessment (EIA), environmental site assessment (ESA), environmental geology (Soil and Groundwater), environmental radiation (Mineral and Mining), environmental remediation (Contaminated Land), waste management (Construction Waste and Scheduled Waste), permit and license (Prescribed Premise), decommissioning and site closure (Industrial Activity), regulatory compliance support (Post-EIA) and environmental management systems (documentation and reporting).

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We provide environmental, health and safety consultancy services focusing on chemicals assessment (CHRA), environmental-hazardous substance, review of regulatory compliance status (Post-EIA), consultation on the implementation of environmental management systems, EMS (ISO 14001) and occupational health and safety management systems, OHSMS (ISO 45001).

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